Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some updated kitty photos

Cutie and Charmer have decided the toaster is a comfy place to sleep! Peach thinks he is a big popcorn ball-he can fit himself into the box! Definitely not alot of room left. Then there is my computer kitty,Sunshine-she loves to chase anything that appears on the screen.

My Apologizies

I must ask forgiveness for being so bad about neglecting my blog here,so much in our lives has kept my mind on so many things I have been overwhelmed. Am hoping things will get better now as I have decided to make some changes,and concentrate on things that are important. Guess it has all come about since I had a colonoscopy Monday-what a concept! Seriously, I had avoided it for years even though my dad had colon cancer,and said ignorance was bliss. Wrong! One day it seemed as though my dear departed Grandmother spoke to me and advised me to start taking care of my health(sadly,she had Alzheimers and breast cancer). Then my youngest and oldest daughters convinced me I need to be around and healthy for them and their families. I had heard such horror stories about the prep for the procedure,but let me tell you,it wasn't bad at all. I started a liquid diet Friday(2 days earlier than I needed),but I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure the test was successful. Even managed to drink the entire 4 liters of the Nulytely,and while I was confined to the bathroom I enjoyed more of the Cedar Cove book I was reading. Monday morning,my youngest took me to the hospital where I encountered a wonderful and caring group of nurses and the doctor whom I had never met. Even got him to laugh before we started so that was a plus! The great part was Dorothy,the one nurse,starting me on oxygen then putting the "relaxer" in my iv,& the next thing I knew I was waking up in my room to see the smiling face of my precious daughter. Then the doctor came in to tell me he removed a polyp(later found it was more)but he expected it to be benign. Came home to my dear furry kids(drove home from dd's even though I wasn't supposed to)and curled up in bed all snug with my 2 kittens. Darling hubby even brought home supper which was sweet. Have to admit though the next few days I have been a little miserable due to the anesthesia and procedure,but nothing I couldn't live with! So I will say,if you have been delaying it also,PLEASE don't,it isn't that bad at all! Was told to call after a week for results of biopsy,but yesterday the doctor's nurse called to say the polyps were benign,and barring any problems I won't need it for 3 or 5 years. I was ecstatic,and have vowed to really start a better lifestyle-so next week am going to get a flu shot,and schedule my next doctor's visit with my family doctor. Life really is good!!!! Now I am off to enjoy the Autumn colors in the yard.