Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Babies have arrived and Labor Day is gone

Here are my precious 2 new granddaughters-top row is Allie Mae Smith born Aug.6th at ACMC in Ashtabula,Ohio after Mom Steffany had many bad times. Then Allie was transferred to Rainbow Babies and Childrens' Hospital in Cleveland,Ohio because of fluid in her lungs but was able to come home that Sat. She is doing very well now and is our very precious "Sweet Pea".
On 2nd row is Angelina Marie Shaffer born Aug 5th at Geauga Hospital in Chardon,Ohio. She joins her older sister Jessica who I got to stay with when Mommy Lisa went into labor at midnite!
Still hard to believe they are here and healthy and bringing alot of joy to all of us. In fact today Gramma got to babysit Allie Mae then go grocery shopping with her and Mommy where Allie was the center of attention.
Now I am trying to get ready for next weekend which is the annual Geneva Grape Jamboree and our Class of 1967 will be walking or riding in the Saturday parade . This will be after having a 60th birthday party for all of us at our old high school gymnasium and school which is set to be demolished soon(seems to be the way things are done anymore,sadly)
Has been sadness lately with the passing of Farrah Fawcett,and Patrick Swazey plus our one classmate lost his battle to cancer also. Then my Great Aunt Marian Woodworth passed on to her reward Tuesday at the age of 101!!! Also we found our very special neighbors and friends are putting their home for sale and moving to a manufactured home-will definitely miss them alot!!!! So I am glad I can see Allie Mae often to make things fall into proper perspective. Then too my favorite thought comes to mind"To everything there is a season...." from Ecclessiastes 3 and I know things are as God plans and times.
It is now cooler at nite and there is definitely a touch of Autumn in the air which is my favorite time of year-now I need to get bulbs planted,some seeds in,prepare my outside areas for their Winter rest. Also am trying to do Fall cleaning(never seem to get it done in Spring) and hoping to do some serious downsizing and prioritizing so I can enjoy our grandbabies even more.
Not sure when I will post again,but a Happy Autumn to all!! Would love for comments from any of you.