Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Other Furbabies

On ledge is Gizmo,the brother to Boo and Eule(I rescued them before last Halloween under dd#3s mobile home). Our white love is Snowball(sister to Sunshine-they were found wandering on a country road,just barely missed being hit. Snowball's eyes were totally matted shut,and Sunshine's were not as bad).

The black calico is Stormy,and her partner is Pooter who was also found on a country road. Last but not least are our Halloween kitties(Gizmo's sisters)-lying down is Boo who is shorthair. Watching over her is Eule who is longhair-her name is Owl in German as her eyes look just like one. So now you have seen pix of our entire family of furbabies and can see how we love each and everyone.

More pix of Jessica with her Halloween buddy and her kitten,Smoky

Smokey is the sister to our kittens,Charmer and Cutie

Jessica at Halloween

Mommy only took Jessica to a few homes for Trick or Treat,so Papa and Gramma were happy to be on the list to see our own BatGirl.

Our Dog Madchen Crossed The Rainbow Bridge Saturday

I wanted to share a couple pix of our precious Madchen. With her is the one is Jurgen,her brother who now really is lonely without her.