Monday, July 27, 2009

July is almost gone!!

I just don't know where time is going and what have I accomplished???
Have been having health problems again with my blood sugar readings hitting up to 500 at times plus my allergies are really acting up terribly.
But for positive news-am on baby watch-Steff has been showing signs Allie Mae might be here soon but it is ok as all is ready for her-had Steff's Baby Shower the 19th on her 30th birthday and went very well! Got to visit with some friends and relatives plus spend special time decorating with Amy,Steff and the guys.
So maybe that esplains where time has gone!
Now too I will be done babysitting Jessica as Lisa will go on maternity leave after Friday,but Gramma will be on call as needed there also.
Then in September our high school class is planning a special get together to celebrate our 60 birthdays-unbelievable!!!!!! Sounds like many are coming in from all over so will be a wonderful weekend!!
With that note will go for now-need to clean and do a few things then get a Gramma bag put together for the baby watch.
Enjoy the rest of your summer!!!!!