Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April-A Month of New Beginnings

Hard to believe Easter has come and gone,where have the first 3 months gone? Plus this one is almost half over.
Did finally get our taxes done and mailed this morning,a big relief even though it was delayed by my putting it off. Now onto the next project!
Last nite I went with Steffany and Don to have her sonogram and internal ultrasound done at ACMC and what an intriguing time that was. To see the images on the screen,see the hands moving all over,legs kicking and head trying to get away from the annoying pressure of a probing camera. I was fascinated to see the spine so clearly and all. If I wasn't at this advanced stage of life I might consider going to training in this field,but will leave it to the younger generation,I have other more important tasks at hand-being a Grandma!!!!
Lisa is having another girl early August so Jessica is happy she will have a baby sister,not a brother which she says she would return.
Despite Steff's baby giving the technician a run for her money by moving and hiding what we were looking for,we did get the good news-it's a GIRL!!!! So we got our first pix of Allie Mae-all 11 feisty ounces of her!!!
So technically this is my first Grandbaby by blood which makes her even more special. But I also can't deprive Jessica and Angelina Marie wjo are my adopted granddaughters. So looks like I will be having my arms and lap full of cuddly sweet-smalling babies and a 3 year old-No complaints whatsoever here!!!!!!
Steff pointed out something-she and Lisa did not confer or such but Lisa and Keith are having a girl Angelina Marie Shaffer in early August,and Steff and Don are having a girl Allie Mae Smith in late August. Both girls,both in August and both with initials AMS-HOW FUNNY!!! Proves you don't have to be of same blood to be close.
Okay,have run on long enough here,need to do few more things then it's off to spend the day with Jessica,wonder what she has planned for her day with Grandma? Lots of hugs and kisses I know for sure.
Have a great day,week,rest of the month and Spring!!!!!