Friday, June 19, 2009

Here it is almost Father's Day!!!!

I just don't know where time goes but feel as though I am rollerskating down a huge hill & no way of stopping!!!

Made it through my 60th birthday which was very low-key and I am glad! Then came Mother's Day with a familie get-together at Amy's house-was a good day!!

Then came a very black day,our Golden lab,Jurgen,had been acting in pain and the day after Mother's Day he cried in pain terribly plus his one front leg was swollen up. So we went to the vet where we discussed all options and future . He had cancer,tumors,and much more,and the prognosis wasn't good for Jurgen so we made the heartbreaking decision to give him comfort and peace. Again I was right there with the vet,her assistant and God was merciful,Jurgen passed over the Rainbow Bridge so peacefully and looked as though he were asleep. So our home was very quiet and different with no dogs and I don't plan any additions as is too heartwrenching. We had Jurgen cremated and buried him with his sister,Madchen.

Now am getting anxious for our 2 granddaughters due in August. Steffany has had a scare,ended up overnite in the hospital with UTI and pain-we weren't sure if Allie Mae might make an early appearance. But she is waiting now and even though Steffany is supposed to be on bedrest,she has walked down to visit me while I was babysitting Jessica(yes,she is my daughter for sure!!!)
Angelina Marie is really growing too,not sure how much more Lisa can expand.

Still no job for Mel and doesn't look promising anytime soon,but we are doing okay so far.

That's about it for now,hope it isn't 2 months again,but who knows? Guess Grandma better get back to my crocheting and sewing as August will be here SOON!!!!

Have a great Summer!!!!