Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here it is March 7th

and my last post was Dec.31st!!! I knew I have gotten behind but this is terrible!!!!!!!!
So much has happened this year,maybe that explains why-Mel was laid off from his job on Jan 6th after 17 years of over and beyond duty,and so far nothing on the job front either.
Then I am on my 3rd sinus infection already and this was the worst so far-am still trying to get enough energy to even do minor chores.
Onto good news!!!! Come August we will be welcoming 2 new grandbabies thanks to Lisa and Keith and Steff and Don. So Grandma here has gotten started crocheting baby afghans,and stocking up on fabric to make baby outfits,diapers,crib sheets,etc. In the meantime Jessica is telling everyone I am HER grandma ONLY!!!! I can see some thinking will be needed in the next few months.
We celebrated Dad's 80th with a Surprize Party at St. Angelo's Bowling Alley,and somehow we all did manage to keep it secret so he was really shocked.
The hidden gypsy blood has surfaced once again in our familie-Amy has moved from her mobile home to a really nice manufactured home close to Lake Erie-we have already had a birthday party there. They also have a nice hot tub on their back deck which I used one day and can't wait to do it again!!!!
Our other gypsy Steffany has moved into Amy's vacated mobile home so it will be a really nice home for the new baby.
One thing,at least the 2 girls still living in mobile homes are only a few doors apart so Grandma won't have to go far to babysit with all 3 grandkids(did I just say that?!)
Well,that is enough for now-need to go rest awhile here,have been online 4 hours!!!

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